SH_logoHere’s everything you need to know about Shovelhead: 

No, not the Harley Davidson engine or the Shark… (There are also NO dirty women here, sorry!) No folks, we’re talking SHOVELHEAD, the 5-piece Exeter based band, known for Classic Rock & Kick-Ass Blues. Formed in 2010, they’ve been rocking all over the South West UK ever since…

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WHOA THERE BRO!… There’s more:

Slippery front-man Dick Scratcher (as widely reported in the press,)  is known for puttin’ it about a bit and as well as Shovelhead, he fronts with The Bail Jumpers.

So yer getting like a 2-in-1 website experience man…

Check ’em both out if ya want, have a looksie around and read the reviews, or see when they’re on the road and where, on the Upcoming Gigs page. Or, you can also get in touch for more information and to book ’em Danno!


James Lays Down His Sax!

Sax Player James Harris is moving on! It is with much sadness that Shovelheads James Harris has decided to call it a day! Our highly talented Saxophone player has family commitments, which take priority and...

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